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Allen, wearing Ancestor Tribal Line
My son, Allen, wearing the Ancestor Tribal Line.

aloha and welcome!
Update 2/14/ day.

Inspired by the ever-flowing lava from Madam Pele, the Island goddess, TROPICAL TRAPPINGS Hawaiian clothing line is a 20 year, single artist creation, of block printed clothing. The linoleum blocks are designed and carved by me, Shary Crocker, with love and honor for the Hawaiian Islands and the culture. From these blocks I hand paint and print unique wearable art!

The soft to the touch paints I use will last for years through machine washing and drying. I also sign the shirts by hand to show you have an original.


[See the Artist at Work!] 


With such gratitude I've enjoyed interacting with the members of the "Shary Shirt" club from all over the world, it is so fun to see you each year on your "Snow Bird Journey," and correspond through emails. I get so inspired when you ask questions, order, reorder, and special order!!


With this update, I bring you the beginning of a new series of designs. The most popular are the Hawaiian Ancestor Tapa designs I've Incorporated with my present day blocks, I call this the "Ancestor Tribal line." Each shirt is unique and special, the design runs down the left side, shoulder to hem, on both front and back, with paddling themes, frigget birds, suns, tikis, volcanoes, bikers or surfers to choose from. Notice the pictures on this page for example. Mahalo Mel and my son Allen, for letting me use your pictures.

Mel, wearing Ancestor Tribal Line
Mel, wearing the Ancestor Tribal Line.

These designs are on all cotton tees for men, and also the new 50 cotton/50 polyester BURN OUT cotton for men and women. The burn out cotton fabric is very sheer, light weight, and elegant to the touch, also washes and dries nicely for years. Great for hot weather, and those occasions that call for a little dressier look.

Family love: Shary, son Allen and his wife Karlyn
Mango Rose.

The Chinese New Year Designs have gone full circle! Wow...over a 12 year cycle. The Water Dragon was a big hit with lots of people including my Qi Gong family. The water snake of transformation is here now. Even though I encourage everyone to celebrate the present year, I am willing to take request for other years.

These days you can find me at two local Farmers markets in Kailua-Kona. Wendesdays at the HO`OULU FARMERS MARKET and Sundays at the SOUTH KONA GREEN MARKET. More info available on the internet.

Please check with me when you feel inspired to have another "Shary Shirt" in your life!! And if you have any requests or questions please email me, and I will get back to you quickly.

Shipping is by US mail, and included in the price. I can accept checks, and credit cards by phone at this time. As my new website develops, you will see new designs, or email me to get more pictures. You can also join Tropical Trappings on Facebook, or join my quarterly newsletter to see the latest designs.

With deep respect of the Native Hawaiian culture, may these shirts pass on the inspirations of tropical ocean, land, sun and wind. May these shirts continue to make each of us happy--those who enjoy wearing them and me who enjoys making them!

Mahalo for coming to the site!

Shary Crocker
PO Box 807, Na`alehu, Hawaii 96772
PH: 808 929-7647



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